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Content and Writing

The content team works on making environmental issues, stories of hope, and other discussions more accessible! We try to translate as much of this content with the help of the language society.


Please join us if you are interested to share your thoughts and stories on environmental justice. You can write articles, short pieces for social media, or create videos/songs/artwork!  


Language Society

Yugma Network works in many different Indian Languages and always welcomes more people who can help to translate, proof-read, edit, or create original content in their own language. We believe it is important to make the environmental justice discourse more accessible through language. 

The society is not restricted to the 22 official languages and we encourage people who speak other dialects and languages to join.

Caste and Ecology.jpeg

Caste & Ecology

Dalits & Bahujans, like all communities, have complex and interwoven relationships with ecology and environmental politics. We are creating a compilation of articles and videos on caste & environment. We also hope this can amplify the incredible work of anti-caste DBA activists and help start conversations among youth environmentalists, research, and ground work.

All are welcome to join us, but preference will be given to those who are Dalit, Bahujan, and/or historically oppressed due to caste violence and inequalities. 

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Artists Society

We believe that art is an extremely powerful medium of communication and try to share all our work through art. The artists society is central to this.


The society is currently open to digital artists and video editors/ creators/ animators. It is on a voluntary basis and involves approx. 2-4 hours every week. We will be grateful if you can commit for at least 3 months.


Please check instagram to get a sense of what we are looking for. Kindly read the requirements HERE before applying. Please email us with 2-3 work samples and a brief of the design software(s) you are comfortable working with. 



Campaigns Team

In this group, we plan and run campaigns on various environmental and social issues. So far they have been mainly online and have supported offline groups. Once the pandemic subsides a bit, we hope to get more involved in on ground campaigns. 

Campaign work involved creating content, coordinating with experts, hosting discussions and webinars, organising groups and people, creating twitter storms, doing research and more. Requires at least 3-4 hours per week

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Environmental Justice Clinic

This is a group of law students working on environmental and social justice through legal research, petitioning, and assisting on-ground activists. We work on various campaigns and in the past, have successfully won a petition in the Karnataka HC on online public consultations. 

We are not currently taking more people, however, if you are very passionate and you are a law student, please write to us and we can talk about how to move forward!

Education Group Note:

We are still in the initial phase and are not currently open to all. However, we hope to launch this program soon! Stay tuned, and in the meantime, you can read about our educational program with DLRC school, Pune.

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