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Hyderabad Floods - an issue of urban planning and climate change

The Hyderabad floods are a direct consequence of CLIMATE CHANGE.

The city of Hyderabad, India has been reeling under severe floods caused by climate change. A deep depression (a cyclonic circulation that carries a lot of rainfall) led to rains that are 18 times the normal amount for this time of year. Coupled with this is a complete failure of the city's poorly planned urban landscape - significant altering of natural water course, encroachments in over 3000 hectares of wetland & over 2000 encroachments over nalas (by private entities & govt alike), sand mining, no desilting and concretization means that you have taken away all the places where this water would have filled.

Dozens of lives lost, unimaginable distress, property loss, urgent relief work underway and the fright of seeing water fill up inside your home. Who should the citizens hold accountable?

These floods are a scary & grim reminder that citizens and govt have ignored the climate emergency at our doorstep. Studies show that frequency of such disaster events will only increase because of climate change and global warming.

We need immediate climate action from the state government NOW and we need as many voters as possible talking about it! Tweet, call, message and voice your concerns to local representatives and have conversations with your friends and family about why Hyderabad is in such bad shape.

Images: @hyderabadlocals Video: Asianet News Telugu

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